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The Uros Spasojevic Project is the result of his long-held idea that bass guitar can be a leading melodic and solo instrument that incorporates polyphonic playing and improvisational logic as its main characteristic. This unconventional approach to bass playing provides a different light on the instrument’s interesting and diverse sounds. Yet, the emphasis of this music is on melody, which is still the most important aspect of all. These particular melodies bring forth Spasojevic’s inner voices through his highly engaging compositions. It is his hope that the Uros Spasojevic Project gives listeners a fundamentally different understanding of the bass guitar’s role in music.


Nena Jelaca – vocal
Boris Novakovic – piano & keyboards
Dusan Jankovic – piano & keyboards
Lazar Avramovic – piano & keyboards
Bojan Marjanovic – keyboards
Ivan Rabasovic – piano
Ivan Simeunovic – viola
Dusan Stojanovic – cello
Branko Popovic – drums
Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac – drums
Uros Spasojevic – bass

Special guests:

Nir Felder – guitar
Bob Reynolds – saxophone




Uros Spasojevic Project – ISLANDS




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Like an island, isolated from external influences, the album “Islands”, by composer and bassist Uroš Spasojević, is a unique and unusual combination of chamber and electronic sound. Monochromatics and an outlandish selection of chamber instruments paint vivid, progressive harmonies and almost transcendental effects of electric bass guitar that will take the listener into a completely new sonic dimension of sound, to some kind of a planet covered with an endless ocean of tones and colorful silence. Just like Solaris, the sentient planet from the same movie directed by the great Russian filmmaker, artist and visionary Andrei Tarkovsky, to whom is dedicated one of the compositions on the album, the music from the album “Islands” finds its way to the listener and takes over his subconscious, awakening the most hidden, unexpected emotions and deepest thoughts and states of mind. The immersion into 14 mesmerizing compositions composed by the author Uroš Spasojević begins symbolically with the composition “Steps” and sublime tones of viola, cello and bass guitar that mark the beginning of this unforgettable journey of 68 minutes, full of unfamiliar and emotional sensations. One after another, the “sound frames” slowly change as the listener realizes the conceptuality and allegory of each subsequent composition, which is poetically described by the sounds of viola, cello, piano, vocals, harp and bass guitar. And each is special, authentic and honest, each represents an island for itself, united at the same time into a much larger entirety that is constantly circling and flowing.

A whole spectrum of infinite possibilities opens in front of the listener, with no fear of limitations and closures, the known and the unknown… Peaceful liaisons and shocking realizations … Between time and timelessness… Space and emptiness…

Between silence and sound.



Nena Jelača – vocal & harp
Ivan Simeunović – viola
Dušan Stojanović – violoncello
Ivan Rabasović – piano
Uroš Spasojević – bass guitar & electronics


All compositions by Uroš Spasojević except Henry Purcell: They tell us that your mighty powers above and Bach/Busoni: Chorale Prelude No.5, Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 639 (track no. 6)


Recorded at studio “Supreme Tracks” by Goran Antović and studio “Kebac” by Vladimir Ružičić.
Mixed by Marko Milatović and mastered by Goran Antović.
All in year 2020.
Cover by Nena Jelača.
Design by Vladislav Filipović.





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Uros Spasojevic Project – 1.5



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Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the first USP album with the collection of some of the finest original compositions released by bassist and composer Uros Spasojevic. Retrospective of the last five years of USP music merged in one selected compilation.





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Uros Spasojevic Project – Expressions



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Album ” Expressions” recorded during three days recording session at studio “Kebac” Valjevo, Serbia on may 2016.

All compositions and arrangements by Uros Spasojevic.
Produced by Uros Spasojevic and Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac.
Mixed and mastered by Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac.

During recording session Uros Spasojevic used Woodguerilla Abaz 5 tenor bass guitar, Aguilar TH500 bass amplifier, Bergantino CN212 bass cabinet and various fx pedals ( TC Electronic Nova repeater, MXR Carbon copy, EHX Pitch Fork, MXR Stereo Chorus and 3leaf Ocatbvre Tim mode )






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Uros Spasojevic Project – Third View




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Third USP album was recorded at studio “Kebac” in Valjevo, Serbia in 2016. Album was mixed & mastered by Scott Kinsey in Los Angeles, USA.

Produced by Uros Spasojevic and Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac.


Bob Reynolds – tenor saxophone (2,3)
Nir Felder – guitar (1,8,9)
Nena Jelaca – vocal (7)
Boris Novakovic – rhodes (1,8)
Dusan Jankovic – piano (3,5,6)
Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac – drums (1,3,5,6,8)
Uros Spasojevic – bass (1-9)


About the album:

“The music is very strong and has a very particular mood about it. It really has it’s own identity, both in the writing and as a complete presentation. Beautiful!”

Scott Kinsey
mixing, mastering USP album “Third View”


“Bassist Uros Spasojevic’s latest release, album “Third View”, is quite a surprise. It is not a surprise because it is so great. It is a surprise because it is so great and completely different from his last great album, “Story On Bass”. Virtuosity and inventiveness really come in handy when you decide to change a direction or two.”

Walter Kolosky
Music Journalist
Author and co-host of the Jazz-Rocks!Podcast


“Uros is proving himself to be a skilled improviser and writer. It is clear that this music is reflective, searching, and honest. The most remarkable thing, though, may be the writing on this album. Uros has shown growth, restraint, and taste with the arrangements and selection of instrumentalists, not to mention his own playing.”

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“Samo Uroševo sviranje na albumu je, neočekivano za žanr i lidersku poziciju, svedeno i funkcionalno, često polifono, što bas gitari daje ulogu i harmonskog instrumenta. Ovakva opaska i odgovara teoriji da se ovde sama muzika stavlja iznad individualnih stremljenja.”

Zlatan Dimitrijević
Music Journalist

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“This album is much more personal than the previous two. I look at this whole project as a road that I need to follow so I could know my self better, and so I could progress much more in a spiritual way. The melody is the most important and valuable element in music, and on this album I mostly focus on the melody and melodiousness. All the musicians that have participated in the making of this album, have really given their best. Unselfishly they havegiven their seal, and in that way made this album even more special.”

Uros Spasojevic

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Uros Spasojevic Project – STORY ON BASS




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The compositions and performances on Story On Bass attempt to go even deeper than previous work. This album is more personal and more authentic. This project is another step forward in finding the inner musical voice of a bass guitar artist on a continuous journey of discovery.

Story On Bass was created in Valjevo, Serbia in late 2014. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Kebac.

Produced by Uros Spasojevic and Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac.


Boris Novakovic – rhodes (3,5,6,7)
Lazar Avramovic – piano (2)
Branko Popovic – drums (2)
Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac – drums (3,5,6,7,8)
Uros Spasojevic – bass (1-9)


About the album:

“… it is Spasojevic’s solo forays that give evidence to something quite different. His melodies are deep and moving and he obtains unique sounds through the use of many special effects mustered from his strings. These aren’t dorky sound-effects pulled-off for the purposes of showing off. Rather, they are used to create sound fields of emotion. You need to stop what you are doing to pay close attention. “

Walter Kolosky
Music Journalist
Author of Power, Passion and Beauty- The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra.

” …Regardless of the story being told throughout Story on Bass, Spasojevic is able to sing melodies through his instrument like very few bass players can. Whether he is on his own, or using drums and piano to cover rhythm and harmony, Spasojevic’s sense of melody is stunning.”

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Uros Spasojevic Project – PORTRAIT ON BASS




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Debut USP album called Portrait in Bass was recorded in the spring/summer of 2014 in Valjevo, Serbia. It was recorded and mixed in Serbia, at studio Kebac and mastered in London, UK, by Mr. Barry Gardner.

Nine of bass player Uros Spasojevic’s compositions appear. Each represents a sort of fusion of his musical experiences and influences.

The tunes were arranged for a trio with the aim to direct the attention to the basic music elements, melody and harmony, so that the creativity of all performers would be fully expressed.

The following musicians also took part in the project: Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac on drums, who also co-produced the album, and was the recording and mixing engineer. Boris Novakovic, Dusan Jankovic, Lazar Avramovic and Bojan Marjanovic on keyboards.






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