Uros Spasojevic / Bojan Marjanovic


Like the letter for which it is named, this conceptual project by bassist Uros Spasojevic and pianist Bojan Marjanovic finds a meeting point between two independent lines. The search for that confluence is only the beginning of our journey through the young Serbian duo’s exalting, honest music.

Influenced by Norwegian pianist and composer Ketil Bjørnstad, and due also the fact that this project began as part of a multimedia concept,  the music  on  V  feels like the  soundtrack to  an unmade film, all the while embodying the tension of contrast and complement between its instruments. What at first may seem like opposing signatures by the end unite into something fresh and enchanting. Together, Uros and Bojan lay a path into the listener’s experiential horizon, erasing that liminal boundary where the past ends  and future begins. Their dialogues are defined by the deconstructive treatments, roles, and expressive possibilities of their assemblage. Deferring to the  melodic function  of electric bass, piano  parts explore varying textural models in the vein of contemporary classical music. In most pieces, the bass’s timbres and moods are combined with through-composed material, thus birthing an indivisible entity.

Bojan Marjanovic – piano
Uros Spasojevic – bass guitar